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“7 Essential Tips to Decrease Neck and Shoulder Pain”
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HIIT Full Body Fitness Training

Develop stronger arms, core, back and legs to decrease your risk of injuries. Exercises are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced level activities that are low impact on your joints and high intensity for optimal conditioning. Modifications are provided for each exercise so anyone can perform them!


Better Posture Exercise Program

Do you notice you or your loved one hunches a lot? Worried you’ll have a permanent hunch in your back? This exercise series is designed to help you improve your posture and decrease your risk of neck and shoulder pain. In this program, you will find beginner, intermediate and advanced level stretches and strengthening to help you improve your posture so you can look AND feel better!


Our Clients Success Stories

Telemedicine through Impact Care Therapy has been a great experience! Everything has been very smooth thus far and it feels as though I am actually doing in-person therapy. Denise has been very helpful with this transition and she is very creative with household items that can be used as replacement for therapy. I highly recommend them!

Michael D

Dr. Manny is so compassionate towards his patients. You’re not just a patient, you become part of the family. They absolutely care about healing your pain.

Denise M

I injured my hamstring during marathon training. Dr. Denise and Dr. Manny at Impact Care Therapy not only helped me to recover, but they also helped me reach the finish line strong! The service they provide is very high quality, and you feel like a family member from the moment you open their door. Thanks so much for all your support!

Danmar M

Before my appointments with Denise, I was always dreading giving my 1 and 3 year olds baths and changing diapers. I had three bad things going for my back: overuse in the mid-back from long-term bad ergonomics at cafes, an injury in the same location from a chiropractor, and a stiff low back from sitting for extended periods of time working from home. I appreciated that Denise started off with diagnosing the problem from a functional stand-point - understanding what movements were uncomfortable, assessing objective metrics like range-of-motion, etc. I was coached through some super-targeted exercises and stretches, most of which helped a lot! I feel confident now with my exercise and stretch routine and after just over a month already feel like I can tackle the everyday routines with kids without that sinking feeling that I might regret it. Thanks so much, Denise!

John T

I have had the most positive with Dr. Denise and Dr. Manny. I had ankle surgery where I had 8 screws and a plate... They helped me regain my strength and the self confidence that I can do another race again! They are so friendly, extremely caring and funny!! It’s the perfect physical therapy center! Highly recommend ❤️

Jackie M

Want to give a big shoutout to Dr Denise Miano and Impact Care Therapy. I feel like there is hope for me. It has been really hard mentally not being able to be more active and for the first time, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. If anyone needs PT I recommend going here ❤️

Adrienne B

He helped me after my knee surgery, and without them I wouldn’t be able to walk normally. Manny is very understanding and gentle with his therapy exercises. I will be going back after my other knee surgery.

Freddie B

I’ve been working with Denise Miano of Impact Care Therapy via telehealth for about two weeks now and am very pleased so far. I’ve done chiropractic adjustments in the past and thought maybe that’s all I needed to correct my 3 year chronically sore and tight low back issues especially since it seemed mostly one sided. Now I realize it’s due to poor posture, positioning, and movement thanks to pregnancy, 3 years of nursing, and being a SAHM caring for an active and thriving child!! I like to work out as well and she has been able to talk and show me through the weak points of my torso and hips so I can be more mindful about body mechanics. I’m noticing less pain in my low back and hips and more upper back flexibility that I didn’t have and didn’t realize I needed!I highly recommend at least a consultation if you have been experiencing soreness or pain in areas. It can mean the difference between a short term solution that a good massage or adjustment provides vs long term improvements that proper stretching, exercise, and body mechanic awareness can make! Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE a good massage and adjustment. I just never considered PT for my issue but it makes sense.

Nicole H

As a former athlete (now busy, working mom trying to stay healthy and active to keep up with her kiddos!) and as a former marketing rep for outpatient physical therapy clinics, I have been around many physical therapists. This power couple, Denise and Manny, have something special. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for physical therapy that is customized to their specific needs. I’ve been so pleased with the results I am getting that I’ve chosen to pay out of pocket when my insurance no longer covers my visits. To me, it’s worth every penny! Thank you, Denise and Manny, for getting this “old”, beat up body back to a place where I can feel like an athlete again!

Michelle G

Dr. Manny led me successfully through physical therapy after my knee replacement. Doing more now than before surgery, thanks to Dr. Manny! You’re the best!

Crystal D

Manny has been working with me twice a week for almost three years. He is extremely knowledgeable, plus he pushes me to work my hardest. I recommend him above anyone else. He also is a nice guy, plus really strong, which helps a lot since I am a big guy.

Bill L

Before seeing Dr. Miano I had been dealing with chronic pain for more than 3 years. I had tried several rounds of nerve blocking injections and various pain management medications that never relieved my pain. I had seen physical therapists in the past and I did not have high expectations. In the past, I always found excuses not to follow through with my therapy and frequently canceled appointments. What a difference a therapist makes. In the 3 months that I have been seeing Dr. Miano, I am proud to say I have not cancelled a single appointment. After about 3 visits, I was feeling a reduction in my level of pain. Dr. Miano provides hands on, one on one coaching. One of the big differences from other physical therapists is he listens to his patients needs and is empathetic. He gives his patients feedback and motivates his patients every step of the way. If you are looking for a caring, committed professional, look no further. Don’t delay, make an appointment ASAP.

Rowdy L

By far top of the line therapy. I had total knee replacement surgery on November 30th, and Dr. Miano had me back up to my physical self in 6 weeks. I don't even limp at day 42. I can even go up and down stairs without holding on to railing. My balance is 100% at day 42. My strength is awesome as well on my knee. I would drive up to Houston twice a week from Rockport TX to get my PT. Dr. Miano is by far one of the best in the Houston TX area. I recommend Impact Care Therapy because of the highly skilled treatment that I received, and professional care they offer as well as their quick recovery process. By far the best care I have ever had. I'm back to my work with 110% confidence.

Marvin E

Dr. Miano is incredibly good. His evaluation during the first visit establishes the targeted physical therapy that he does afterward. I have gotten complete relief from his treatment. He knows so much about the body and how it works that I wish he could treat me for other aspects of my body (such as posture) and not just the knee injury he is treating.

Irene K

I'm active and I pulled my hamstring quite badly while running. Manny has been great helping me rehab back to my active lifestyle!

Ryan R

I went to Impact Care Therapy after some severe neck and upper back pains that seemed to appear suddenly and without injury. After getting some massages with no improvement, I decided to give physical therapy a shot. This was my first time to see a PT and Denise and Manny taught me so much! I alternated between seeing each of them, and it was a seamless transition between both therapists. Both were very helpful in helping me to figure out the root causes of my pain, and showed me a wide variety of exercises to help my muscles and joints loosen up, and to strengthen them. By the end of my 10 sessions, I was pain-free and had a tool box of activities I can keep up with to continue at home. I do still plan to go back regularly just to continue to learn more to challenge my body to become stronger!

Daisy Wang

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Manny for 2 months for my right frozen shoulder. I suffered from having a frozen shoulder for a month before I was introduced to Dr. Manny and it severely limited me from being able to do the activities I needed to do like cooking for the family and driving. I have been so pleased with the way Dr. Manny took care of me and my R shoulder. He has taken the best care of me and is always so genuine, kind and compassionate. I have made a full recovery and I am now able to return to cooking, performing all my household chores and driving without any problems. Dr. Manny is the best physical therapist and I highly recommend him!

Ajitha Tose

Cannot recommend Manny and Denise with Impact Care Therapy enough! My Mom had a stroke 20 years ago and lost mobility of her right side and walks with a cane. She just started seeing Manny and Denise to get in better shape after having back pain and other issues for years from a sedentary lifestyle. The work they are doing with her is incredible! Watching her get her confidence back, believe in herself and push herself is amazing. Her balance is better, her strength is growing, and best of all, she’s challenging herself. Manny and Denise are so patient, motivating, caring, and determined to help others reach their goals. My Dad is also seeing them after years of shoulder pain, a sedentary lifestyle, and back pain. They are helping him get his strength and endurance back so he can start enjoying a pain free, active lifestyle like he wants. If you or one of your parents is looking to get out of a rut and take better care of their body, make the phone call to Impact Care Therapy. Best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones.

Nicole Fabozzi

I had a knee injury that would not heal properly. It was months of trying to get it healed and Doctors appts with steroid shots as well. Nothing was working. So I went to Dr. Miano and she showed me the reason it was not healing properly. It was due to my weak back and my injured knee trying to compensate for it. After a few sessions, not only was my back stronger but my knee was perfectly fine. Thank you so much Dr. Miano! You have changed my life for sure! And with only 15 mins a day, I can continue to strengthen my back and knee.

Rubi Reyes-Fuentez

I have been seeing Manny and Denise for exactly a month. In that time, I am noticing significant improvements to my abilities. I have not been able to do jumping jacks, jog or teach class without my brace in over a year and a half. I’ve been able to do all of that since I started going to Impact Care Therapy. I’m excited about the progress I will continue to make in the coming months.

Jamie Nicole

I had to quit the Chevron Marathon halfway because of some serious knee and leg pain. Turns out I had a really weak leg and hips. I worked with Denise and Manny on strengthening my legs, hips, and core. I thought PT was going to be boring, but they made it a lot of fun. It was always a different "workout" for me, they challenged me in ways I didn't think I could be challenged, especially since I'm not just a casual athlete. They sometimes did exercises with me. I highly recommend Impact Care Therapy, you'll get the care and treatment you need, with a great bit of laughter.

Linda Fox

My wife had a stroke 20 years ago that left her right side paralyzed and she walks with a cane and right leg brace. I was having lower back and shoulder pain. Manny and Denise have made significant improvements in my wife's balance and walking. Manny brought in a brace company to build her a new and different style of brace which has resulted in much less foot and leg pain after walking. My back and shoulder pain are now gone and I continue to work with them on conditioning and weight management.

Steve Joens

I had knee pain in my right leg and was not able to move around as freely as I wanted to. I could feel its lack of flexibility and strength and was having trouble taking care of my 12-month-old baby due to this. Dr. Manny has been guiding me for almost 2 months now and I am so pleased with the way Dr. Manny approached and handled the situation. He is so motivating and systematic that I feel like it’s been a valuable investment of my time on myself. The awareness he brought in my lifestyle is tremendous and I can see the improvement after each session. I highly recommend him and Impact Care Therapy! Dr. Manny is really the best!

Seethu Robin

For the past 3 months I’ve taken my 89 year old mother to visit Dr. Denise Miano for problems in her knee, back, neck, and wrist. Since I stayed and observed each visit, I can state that my mom is improving steadily in mobility, strength, and function. Thanks to Denise’s diligence, professional skills, and encouraging heart, my mom is hopeful and willing to try these new exercises. I am a strong believer in Denise’s methodology which is unlike others that I have seen during the past 10+ years of my mom’s pain and mobility management journey.

Wei-Chen Chen

I am an 80 year old man. I had a severe neck pain for a couple months. After visiting Chiropractor and Acupuncturist with no improvement, I was introduced to Dr. Denise Miano. My neck pain was reduced after the first visit and I was released from Physical Therapy after 11 visits. Denise is a knowledgeable therapist with great care and integrity. She is highly recommended.

Robert Chen

I went to Impact Care Therapy after being thrown out of a golf cart when a car hit it. Didn’t realize how injured I was until I walked up some steps. I’m usually very active; I play tennis, golf, exercise regularly and garden. Manny and Denise worked with me to get my strength and balance back. They are knowledgeable and were able to explain the process. Impact Care Therapy valued me and my time, a very professional business.

Annie Jenkins

I’ve been going here and Dr. Manny and his wife Denise are amazing. They really take their time with their patients. The atmosphere feels very comforting and inviting. I highly recommend everyone to come here!!

Mariza German

I have been going to Impact Care Therapy for a couple of months now and am blown away with the level of knowledge and care they provide. The team treats me like a friend and makes me feel as though I am the most important person in the room as they do all of the patients that come through the doors. Manny evaluates all aspects of an injury and does not just treat the symptoms. He works hard to find the underlying issues and continuously reevaluates to insure his therapy plan is the best and most effective form of treatment. Manny is motivating and pushes me to work hard while also making sure I'm comfortable. I'm so lucky to find this wonderful place so close to home and wanted to share in hopes of helping someone else in need of healing.

Ashley Emshoff


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